Local Labour Procurement

What is a Local Labour Procurement ? S106 Planning Obligations often specify that a developer must procure a certain percentage of labour from the ‘local area’. WPSCC will implement procedures and mechanisms to support compliance with this obligation and also report to the Local Authority for its discharge. These can include:- Attending Careers Fairs Organising Site […]

Noise, Dust And Vibration Plans

Why Do You Need A Noise, Dust and Vibration Plan? Planning authorities are becoming more conscious of the effects a construction site can have on its neighbouring environment. Noise, dust and vibration monitoring are becoming more necessary.  WPSCC can prepare the necessary documents to submit for planning as well as provide advice and recommendations on the […]

FORS And CLOCS Compliance

What is a FORS and CLOCS compliance ? The FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) is a voluntary scheme designed to raise the level of quality within fleet operations. It can be rewarded at bronze, silver and gold levels. CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety) aims to minimise the impact of construction activity on road safety, and create a […]

Construction Logistics Plan (CLP)

what is a Construction Logistics Plan? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifuxanRSN18&ab_channel=WPS As the construction phase of any development has an effect on the environment of the local community as well as the safety and congestion of both the local and regional road networks; a CLP addresses these concerns and strives to reduce their impact through planned measures agreed with […]

Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP)

Construction (Environmental) Management Plans C(E)MPs     What Are Construction (Environmental) Management Plans C(E)MPs? Construction (Environmental) Management Plans, C(E)MPs, are documents that are produced as part of planning applications, either as an accompaniment or to discharge a specific condition on a Decision Notice. In either case they are important documents in determining strategies that will […]

Siteplan Online Compliance Tool

The quick and easy-to-use online compliance tool from WPSCC for your construction site Try it FREE today – call 01604 859961 or email [email protected] quoting ‘SITEPLAN GO’ SitePlan (www.siteplan.online) is an online software tool that produces comprehensive, compliant Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs).  It also calculates the Carbon Footprint for your site and handles Site Impact requirements to satisfy other […]

Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPS)

Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs) & Site Resource Management Plans (SRMPs)   Although no longer a legal requirement, SWMPs are still a necessity for obtaining the Wst 01 BREEAM Credit. They can also be required as conditions for planning applications. As a comprehensive forecast, monitoring, and review tool, SWMPs/SRMPs are an integral part of sustainable […]

Site Plans

What is a site plan ? A Site Plan is an element of an Environmental Permit application. It is a diagram of the site to be permitted, detailing such items as:- Site boundaries Drainage runs Waste storage areas Fuel storage Quarantine areas WPSCC can prepare a compliant Site Plan on your behalf.

Materials Management Plans

Why Do You Need A Materials Management Plan (MMP)? Materials management is an important part of planning your construction project. Your plan should include what materials you will be using, how much you will need, and how and where it will be sourced. MMPs are required for compliance with BREEAM Mat 03 Responsible Sourcing of Materials Standard. […]

Fire Prevention Plans

Fire Prevention Plans are now an essential part of an Environmental Permit application. If you plan to store combustible waste the Environment Agency will require you to write a Fire Prevention Plan as part of the permit application.  A Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) explains how you will prevent fire at the site and manage risks […]

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