UK on Track to Hit WEEE Targets

UK on Track to Hit WEEE Targets

Defra have published data that indicates that the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) targets for the first three quarters of 2023 are set to be achieved for the first time in six years.

The UK have collected 359,289 tonnes of WEEE from January to September, with an overall target of 472,070, which equates to approximately 76%, that implies that the UK are ahead of target. The cost-of-living crisis in 2022 resulted in hitting 69% of target in the same period, showing an overall improvement in 2023[1].

There are numerous categories that passed their targeted collection (75%) including Lighting Equipment, and Electrical and Electronic Tools. The strongest performance category was Equipment, that reached up to 84%. However, there are a few categories that are not on track to hit target by the end of 2023, these include LED Light Sources, Gas Discharge Lamps, Large Household Appliances, and Automatic Dispensers[2].

UK on Track to Hit WEEE Targets

Table 1 – WEEE Collection Figures²

It is important that the industry remain cautious as there is only one quarter left (Q4) for WEEE collection and Defra will be expected to make challenging targets for 2024. In addition to this, Defra are set to propose an alternative metrics system that will measure the success of the WEEE system which will encompass a reform of the WEEE Regulations.

If the current progress is continued in Q4, the UK will be able to achieve its WEEE targets¹.

How can WPSCC Help with WEEE Compliance?

We can help you with your obligations and responsibilities with meeting WEEE compliance and determine whether your products are in scope of WEEE regulations. This will be achieved by taking the legal framework into consideration and finding WEEE compliance solutions to facilitate business decisions. With compliance being mandatory, WPSCC can aid in reducing the time and effort required to meet these necessary requirements and can provide our expertise for the overall project.

We have years of experience in identifying recycling and recovery solutions for WEEE and can aid in the overall compliance with the UK WEEE 2013 regulations. If the WEEE regulations apply to you, we will work to ensure a more sustainable business that will be in concordance with your values and reflect your environmental agendas by turning ‘waste’ into ‘resource’.

Also, we have developed a software tool called SitePlan ( ) that enables clients to be self-sufficient and manage their own waste and environmental data.

Call us NOW on 01604 859961, or email [email protected] to ask our advice / guidance.

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