Obtaining an Environmental Permit for a Waste Transfer Station

A waste transfer station based in South Yorkshire required WPSCC’s environmental consultancy services to support an application.

Project Information: Obtaining an Environmental Permit

In August 2023, a waste transfer station based in South Yorkshire required WPSCC’s environmental consultancy services to support an application to obtaining an environmental permit variation for the Waste Transfer Station to the Environment Agency. The waste transfer station, currently operating under a standard rules permit, required a permit variation to a bespoke permit after the installation of an aggregate washing plant. The waste transfer station also required a review of their current S2 exemptions to identify if these could be incorporated into the permit application.

WPSCC produced the required documents and submitted the permit application on behalf of the client within a tight deadline which was provided by the Environment Agency. The application for a change in permit conditions included an increase in the waste transfer station waste acceptance limit from 75,000 tonnes per annum to 120,000 tonnes per annum, a change in the site’s boundary and the addition of a new treatment process for the site’s newly installed aggregate wash plant. The S2 exemptions were also reviewed after the Environment Agency announced changes in waste exemptions which are expected to roll out during 2024 as there cannot be a ‘direct link’ with an S2 exemption and a permitted facility.

Our Story:

After visiting the site to understand the clients’ processes, WPSCC produced the required documents for the permit variation application including Site Condition Reports, Environmental Risk Assessments, Vulnerable Receptor and Site Boundary maps using GIS mapping software and Dust Emissions Management Plan, in line with Environment Agency Guidance. Using WPSCC’s specialist knowledge, over 15 documents were written to support the permit application.


By providing the above services and having a good working relationship with both the client and the Environment Agency, a permit variation application was submitted as quickly as possible.

Image of waste transfer station. Colleague on waste transfer station site. Machinery in background.

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