Total Projects

In November 2018 Total Projects started a refurbishment job which required BREEAM accreditation. This was their first BREEAM project and they were very much on a learning curve. 

Project Information

One item they required was a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP), and they remembered that between 2012 and 2014 WPSCC had provided that service for them. They got in touch with us and, following a meeting to discuss the project and the BREEAM requirements, WPSCC was retained to manage the BREEAM aspects of the construction phase for them. Total Projects was so pleased with the project outcome that in September 2019 they contacted us for assistance on their next project, which was also subject to BREEAM. This time, however, we were consulted earlier in the process and we even assisted with costing the overall BREEAM overhead and managing the other contributing BREEAM subcontractors.

Our Story 

We were first retained by Total Projects in February 2012, when they required SWMPs for a number of refurbishment projects. When regulations and planning rules changed we were no longer needed, but in November 2018 they contacted us again; they had their first project requiring BREEAM accreditation, which, of course, included a SWMP.  When we met to discuss the project, the client was exceedingly pleased to hear that WPSCC could significantly lighten their BREEAM burden.  From then on we managed the BREEAM elements of the construction phase on their behalf and guided them through the forest of requirements. The construction phase elements of BREEAM were completed within six weeks of project end.

It came as no surprise when, a few months later, Total asked us back to ‘do our thing’ on a similar project.  What was significant was how much more relaxed and trusting the client was.  Because of this trust, WPSCC was able to take a greater role in the costing and managing of more subcontractors, which contributed to achieving the BREEAM credits.


Everyone knows what happens the second time around, so everyone is more relaxed.

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