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Why our MD lectures - Lara is always willing to accommodate work experience requests whenever possible.

Project Information

Our MD, Lara Ayris, lectures at Wolverhampton University on the Environmental Protection module for the Year 3 undergraduate programme on Environmental Health. This involves around 50 hours of lecturing time between October and March, and covers subjects such as Duty of Care, Classifying Hazardous Waste, Air Quality and Contaminated Land.

Our Story

A few years ago Lara offered her services as a guest lecturer to several universities, including Coventry, Nottingham and Derby. Within 12 months, mainly due to positive student feedback, Coventry had offered her a part-time lecturing role, initially just covering part of the Masters degree in Waste Management. It wasn’t long, however, before she was also assisting with the Environmental Health course. In 2018 this course was unfortunately discontinued, so Lara took a break from lecturing, but not for long, as a previous contact invited her to take up a post at Wolverhampton – a role which seems to be continually expanding!

Lara loves relating real life stories to her students, as well as encouraging them to produce work to the standard that is expected in industry. In addition, Lara is always willing to accommodate work experience requests whenever possible.

Recently Lara experienced a special moment when one of her students told her he had changed his career focus from Health & Safety to the Environment, as a result of her lectures, and he has since sought her advice with regard to job seeking.  This is why she does what she does – to make a difference to people and to the planet.


Lara loves ‘giving back’ and helping to develop the next generation of Environmental Consultants

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