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Stay Legal & Compliant, but Don't Give the Environment Agency a Penny More Than You Have To!

The Environment Agency has set up a programme of work called the Strategic Review of Charges to reform their charging scheme for 2018-23.  As a result of their review, in April 2018 they replaced the 2014 Environmental Permitting (EP) Charging Scheme and most of the Operational Risk Appraisal (OPRA) assessment, except the compliance scoring where applicable.

The proposed charges now see customers paying 2 to 3 times more for their Environmental Permit charges.

Avoid unnecessary costs by contacting WPSCC, and we will work with you save time and money in securing your Environmental Permit.

Did you know?

  • When a site is first granted a permit it defaults to an “A” grade site until it has been inspected 
  • This grading dictates what the annual subsistence fees will be 
  • The impact of having a poor inspection can be significant; an “A” graded site can easily slip to a “B” grading, with the associated minimum fee increase of 5%
  • More significant breaches could increase subsistence costs by 30% if ratings fall significantly
  • A major non-conformance or pollution event could also result in site suspension or legal action, costing a great deal of money
  • Suspension would stop the site from operating at all until all the appropriate corrective actions had been implemented and approved by the Environment Agency
  • Legal action usually costs many thousands of pounds and can result in revocation of the permit.

Let WPSCC keep these costs to a minimum.

In addition to the standard packages, WPSCC prides itself on its bespoke services to the industry.

Ask us about:
• Our Environment Agency liaison service
• Environmental Impacts assessment
• Fire Prevention Plan service
• Environmental training
• Environmental Management Systems
• Permit application, variation, transfer or surrender
• Waste Carriers registration service
• Waste Transfer Notes administration service
• Resource Efficiency

Making a difference everyday to our clients’ lives and the environment with our unique approach to solving their compliance challenges.

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