Are You Compliant With NRMM Regulations?

NRMM (Non Road Mobile Machinery) compliance on site is now THE HOT SUBJECT, as Local Authorities in and around London are sending out Site Inspectors to ensure sites are registered and compliant.

See accompanying video or the NRMM website for further information as to whether your site needs to be registered, or call WPS on 01604 859961.


Last week one of our clients was advised their construction site was required to be registered for NRMM.  This ‘statement’ was accompanied by a 7 day notice of site closure unless compliance was achieved. They called us (WPS), advising us of the situation.


Within 24 hours we registered the site on the NRMM portal, and implemented our NRMM Compliance procedures on site.

Due to the number of sub-contractors on site, it took a few days to gather and register all the plant data but this was achieved well within the notice period.


*  The site is now fully NRMM compliant and the inspector is satisfied that the site will stay that way

*  The client stress was significantly reduced

We have good with the NRMM inspector after this project and this will benefit the site for future inspections and also other sites that we are involved with in his 4 boroughs.     

If you need any assistance on setting up NRMM and checking your plant is compliant – call WPS on 01604 859961

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