Competence Equals Confidence

Right from the outset in 2009, it was recognised that WPSCC (or Waste Plan Solutions, as it was then) should always maintain a focus on Competence, because, after all, what else can give a client confidence? After 12+ years of successful trading, WPSCC can now obviously also point to its track record demonstrated by client testimonials and case studies, etc., but, the focus on Competence continues and you only have to look at the walls in the office ‘reception area’, to see this. They are literally wallpapered with the Team’s certificates and awards – from the simple, such as First Aid, to all the Degrees and then Lara’s 2 MSc’s!

And more are being added every day!

In support of this ethos,

  • All new consultants are encouraged to join the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management (CIWM) and use it as a tool for tracking their CPD activities.
  • All Graduate Consultants are encouraged to consider Post Graduate qualifications, such as a Masters, or a PhD.
  • Our Training Manager, Claire, also keeps a Personal Development Matrix for all consultants, identifying learning opportunities and recording accomplishments.

But, what does all this really mean?

We believe it shows that WPSCC can be relied upon with Confidence, because, not only do we have some great case studies and client testimonials, along with the numerous continuous referrals, but we can also demonstrate a serious ongoing commitment to the Competence of our team.

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