Determination of Environmental Permits for New Waste Incineration Facilities Paused

The environment minister responsible for waste incineration, Sir Mark Spencer, has issued a Ministerial Direction to the Environment Agency to temporarily pause the determination of environmental permits for new waste incineration facilities, including energy from waste and advanced thermal treatment.

The pause took effect from 5th April 2024 until 24th May 2024 to allow a piece of work led by DEFRA to consider the role of waste incineration in the management of residual wastes in England.

In a letter to the Environment Agency, the minister states that this applies to proposed facilities that do not yet hold an environmental permit. It does not apply to:

“permits for hazardous or clinical waste incineration facilities, small waste incineration plants, incinerators seeking a permit variation for an existing environmental permit, significant permit variations for incinerators seeking to develop carbon capture and storage provision, or facilities whose primary purpose is the recycling of materials (i.e. the reprocessing of waste materials into products, materials or substances).” [1]

‘Political Theatre’

This is an unusual and rare move by the Government with the Environmental Services Association (ESA) describing this as an “unwelcome piece of political theatre”. It is thought this move came amid rows with Environment Secretary Steve Barclay over the proposed energy from waste facility on the Algores Industrial Estate in Wisbech which was approved in February. The project was opposed by multiple County and District Councils including hundreds of residents.

How Can WPSCC Help?

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WPSCC are experienced in:

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> Permit Surrenders – Surrendering your Permit
> Providing Advice And Guidance On Permit Requirements Or Conditions


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[1] Gov.UK. Environmental permits and waste incineration facilities: ministerial direction. [Online]. Available at: Environmental permits and waste incineration facilities: ministerial direction – GOV.UK (

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