New Charges for Waste Shipment Regulations

The Environment Agency (EA) have introduced a “fairer” system, where charges for regulating international waste shipments have been amended. There will be a reduction in delays when processing notifications, and compliance will be increased as the EA will promote the sustainable regulatory system. The industry was consulted and accepted the change before it came into effect.

There are stricter notification controls for the movement of certain waste that is known as “notified waste”. Regulatory activity costs will need to be recovered by the EA, who will achieve this by charging its customers. A public consultation that took place last year resulted in the new charges for regulating notified waste shipments to be enforced on the 1st of April 2024. The principal reason for this change is to reflect the more complex types of waste shipments that have a higher regulatory cost and make certain that the charges mirror the work that has been carried out. [1]

What Are The Changes?

> New charges for anyone sending more than 1,000 shipments under a notification which ensures that the EA recovers its costs for notifications for huge numbers of shipments 
> Two smaller bands for notifications for 101-300 and 301-500 shipments that replaces the existing band for 101-500 shipments, this better reflects various costs that are associated with more shipments [2]

How Can WPSCC Help?

WPSCC provides a wide range of compliance services, covering BREEAM/ Construction Consultancy, Environmental Consultancy, Planning Services, Training and Development Services. We have developed a software tool called SitePlan that enables clients to be self-sufficient and manage their own waste and environmental data.

If you require a Permit, an application will need to be submitted to either the Environment Agency or the Local Authority. WPSCC offer a full range of Environmental Permit Application Services for obtaining the necessary permits for your site’s activities. Our services are tailored depending on your Permit requirements, ranging from guidance and support to complete application management and liaison with regulating authorities.


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