Pre-Demolition Audits – Its Never Too Late

Pre-demolition Audits – Its NEVER too late!

Working alongside the construction industry we get many stories and over the next few blogs we thought we would share some with you. Some are informative, some are interesting and some just funny but we hope you will enjoy them.

One day back in summer of 2015, WPS took a call from a client wanting us to do a pre-demolition audit for BREEAM accreditation. Asking all the usual questions about the building / project they gave us a lavish description, but when asked when the demolition was due to start – imagine our surprise to be told over 1 year ago.  Initially we were a little perplexed by this as it had never happened to us before but being a company that prides itself in finding solutions to problems we went away and did our research. 

We were able to go back to the client and tell them that we could do a pre-demolition audit even though the building had been demolished.  Working from drawings, photographs and waste transfer notes provided by the company we were able to provide them with a “desktop study” pre-demolition audit that satisfied BREEAM and gave them the credits they required.  Working with the company this was produced within 2 weeks and they were over the moon.

So you see – it is never too late!

We had thought that this would be a “once in a blue moon” scenario, but since then we have had to do this type of audit several times.  One was for a building which had been demolished 3 years previously and when asked for a picture of the site they sent us a picture of the car park they had built!

Buyers beware – There are some instances when the demolition company will offer to do the pre-demolition audit for you.  In many cases this is not good enough to satisfy the stringent requirements required for Wst credits in BREEAM.  Before you agree to them doing one for you – check!

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More stories to follow.

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