Fire Prevention Plans

Fire Prevention Plans are now an essential part of an Environmental Permit application.

If you plan to store combustible waste the Environment Agency will require you to write a Fire Prevention Plan as part of the permit application.  A Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) explains how you will prevent fire at the site and manage risks if one should occur.

The Plan should meet 3 objectives:

  • Minimise the likelihood of a fire happening
  • Aim to extinguish a fire within 4 hours
  • Minimise the spread of a fire within the site and to neighbouring sites.

If you can’t meet the required standards within the guidance your own alternative measures need to be proposed and demonstrate that they can meet the 3 objectives.

At WPSCC we can help you to set out your Fire Prevention Plan, outlining your fire procedures and safety plan and ensuring you have the correct equipment to comply with fire safety legislation and regulations.

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