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What is an O & M Manual and Building User Guide and why do I need one ?

Operation and Maintenance Manuals, together with Building User Guides, are an important part of the handover of a building to the client.

The Building User guide is a non-technical guide to how the building works and is designed so that the building users can access, understand and operate the building efficiently and in a manner in keeping with the original design intent.

The Operation and Maintenance Manual is a larger, more technical document which contains all the operating instructions, maintenance instructions, certificates and drawings relating to the building. This enables any Facilities Manager to find and refer to any relevant certificates, drawings or maintenance instructions.

Why do you need an Operation and Maintenance Manual (O&M Manual)?

A Building User Guide and O&M manual are required for compliance with BREEAM MAN04.4 Handover.

Working with WPSCC

WPSCC understands the complexity of gathering all the information required from sub-contractors, and the time required to do this. We can offer a flexible package where we can fully manage the process, from contacting your sub-contractors and gathering the information to collating and indexing it into a complete O & M manual. Alternatively, we can work with you, simply collating and indexing the information you have gathered, and putting it into the correct format.

Making a difference everyday to our clients’ lives and the environment with our unique approach to solving their compliance challenges.

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