Pre-Refurbishment Audits

Pre-Refurbishment Audits involve the assessment and analysis of waste produced from the demolition element of a building refurbishment (requirement of BREEAM assessment).  We are on the preferred supplier list for ISG for this service. 

What Are Pre-Refurbishment Audits?

These Audits identify opportunities for reclamation, re-use and recycling from a refurbishment process. The end report will provide you with a graphical display of the waste arisings that can be expected from the process, along with a list of recommendations for reducing your waste disposal costs. Pre-Refurbishment Audits are prepared to the ICE Demolition Protocol standard and can be requested for planning requirements.  

Why Do I Need A Pre-Refurbishment Audit?

They are a requirement for meeting BREEAM Wst 01 Construction Waste Management Standard. They are also a requirement for Circular Economy Statements, as defined in the New London Plan and GLA Guidance. They are designed to highlight the potential for maximum material recovery through refurbishment and provide a bill of quantities of tonnages that will arise. A report will be produced detailing materials arisings as well as a list of suggested actions to achieve maximum material recovery. Previous clients for these services include Gardiner & Theobald LLP, Morgan Sindall and CBRE.

To comply with BREEAM Wst 01 you may also need a Pre-Demolition Audit and a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP).

What Does The Report Include?

>  The potential for maximum material recovery through refurbishment

> A refurbishment bill of quantities, which identifies tonnages and potential applications of materials arising from refurbishment

>  A set of recommendations for material segregation, considering the potential impact of contamination and the cost benefits for recovery and  reclamation

An analysis of Embodied Carbon

Our Process:

Our Step-By-Step Process:

Upon instruction, our team will begin the process for the Audit report:

1. Preparation – Our team will contact you to arrange a site survey and request any additional information they require.
2. Once confirmed – We will produce and issue RAMS for the site survey, which our site teams will adhere to during their time on site.
3. Site Survey – The survey team will arrive and carry out the audit, taking measurements and photos and detailing materials and building elements. Our surveys are always unintrusive and we always make sure to be considerate of potentially sensitive details.
4. Calculations – Using data collected during the survey, our bespoke calculations tool is used to generate predicted waste volumes, diversion from landfill and identify reuse and recycling opportunities.
5. Report – The Pre-Refurbishment Audit report is generated using information from the calculations and site survey. We produce a bespoke report for each project. Our reports will include a breakdown of materials found, carbon data, opportunities for reuse as well as all relevant local and national legislation.

We strive to issue the Pre-Refurbishment report within 2 weeks of the site survey, but our experienced, flexible approach can cater to most timeframes.

How Are Construction Materials Segregated?

The waste hierarchy will be used to maximise the recovery of construction materials and minimise environmental impact. A Pre-Refurbishment Audit will exhibit what materials can be reused, recycled, or disposed of.

What Happens During A Site Survey?

Measurements of the building, existing structures and ceiling heights are taken for scale reference and to ensure accurate calculations. Notes are taken on the makeup of the building/ structure/materials, i.e. brick walls, plasterboard walls, flooring, ceilings, partitions, windows, M&E, exterior features, etc. Photos of both the interior and exterior will be taken, as well as noting down any features or items of value for reclaim/ reuse.


Using the information gained from the survey, together with any site drawings, the calculations are carried out as a desktop exercise to provide data for the report.

What Does The Audit Report Show?

There will be a description of the refurbishment works taking place; the document will identify any features or materials that can be reused or has reclaim value in the form of Key Demolition Products (KDPs). A table of local waste contractors will be provided that will state factors such as their waste carrier’s registration number and distance from the site.

How Long Do Pre-Demolition Audits Take To Complete?

Pre-Refurbishment Audits on average can take between a few days to several weeks to complete. The data collection process before a site survey is dependent on the availability of the information and the physical inspection of the site can take up to several days if there are complex buildings. Once the site visit is completed, the collected data will be analysed to create the final report. WPSCC ensures the provided results are as accurate as possible using the information provided and the WPSCC personnel deployed to carry out the Audits benefit from experience gleaned since 2012.

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WPSCC has the privilege of consistently working with many exciting clients and will continue to develop and diversify to ensure its ever changing client needs are satisfied to the highest standards possible.

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