Section 106 Packages

What is a Section 106 Package ?

Section 106 (s106) demands or requirements are a planning constraint. They are stated as a Planning Condition by the local planning authority when planning permission is granted.

The purpose of s106 requirements is to boost and support the local community / economy and ensure that a particular construction project contributes to this.

They traditionally make demands regarding local labour and procurement targets, forcing the contractors to achieve certain targets, e.g. ensure 10% of all labour requirements are sourced ‘locally’, which usually means from that council’s catchment area.

WPSCC offers a flexible service whereby we can provide basic consultancy / support up to total managing of the process, which would include:

  • liaising with local councils to ascertain what targets have to be achieved / what ‘initiatives/activities’, etc. qualify as contributing to satisfying requirments
  • putting agreements in place in order to share the burden of the s106 target fairly across all contractors / subcontractors contributing to the project
  • visiting the list of acceptable contributing activities to select those which are suitable for the project to implement
  • organising and implementing the necessary activities, which could include procuring apprentices from colleges or considering work experience opportunities
  • ongoing monitoring of progress
  • formally reporting to the local council according to their requirement, e.g. quarterly
  • achieving final ‘sign off’ from the council proving that the s106 requirements, and therefore liability, are satisfied

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