Siteplan Online Compliance Tool

The quick and easy-to-use online compliance tool from WPSCC for your construction site

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SitePlan ( is an online software tool that produces comprehensive, compliant Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs).  It also calculates the Carbon Footprint for your site and handles Site Impact requirements to satisfy other compliance necessities, e.g. BREEAM MAN03 Site Impacts.

Why Use SitePlan?

  1. It automatically satisfies the Waste Duty of Care regulations (all done in the background by the Waste Carrier / Disposal Site database)
  2. It automatically calculates BREEAM Waste credits
  3. It is quick and simple to use, saving you time
  4. It completes the Resource Minimisation statements, saving you money
  5. It requires minimal training 
  6. It provides hard and electronic copies of reports for your records
  7. It gives you 24/7 access to all your information
  8. It is supported by a full consultancy service

Some of our users are; Blenheim PalaceTEC ConstructionOptic Realm and Watson and Cox.

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Making a difference everyday to our clients’ lives and the environment with our unique approach to solving their compliance challenges.

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