Responsible Construction Practices – Monitoring Of Construction Site Impacts (BREEAM MAN03.4)

What is a BREEAM MAN03.4credit ?

The aim of this credit is to recognise and encourage construction sites to be managed in an environmentally and socially considerate, responsible and accountable manner.  By monitoring and reviewing the amount of energy and water used during a construction project, areas for improvement can be identified for implementation on subsequent projects. 

By monitoring mileage and CO2 emissions from transportation of both materials and waste, it encourages the organisation to look at the distance materials need to be transported as well as the number and types of deliveries that are required and can alter buying habits making them look at more local suppliers or alternative methods of transport.

WPSCC’s software tool can include the recording of this data and will report this as part of the site’s Resource Management Plan (RMP).

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