UPDATE – Developing a Management System: Environmental Permits Guidance


Developing a management system and keeping it up to date in order to carry out activities under an environmental permit, is a requirement by the UK Government. The Guidance was originally published in 2016 but was updated in 2023 by the Environment Agency. A written management system describes what will be done to minimise pollution risk from the activities that the permit covers, as a set of procedures.

A management system or working plan is not a requirement for waste permits that were accepted prior to the 6th of April 2008. However, it will still be a necessity for your waste activity to be operated and managed in line with a written management system.

Changing Climate:

The new guidance states that on or after the 1st of April 2023, climate change adaptation planning will need to be integrated to your management system. A climate change adaptation risk assessment must be completed by the 1st of April 2024, if your permit was issued before April 2023 (your management system should already consider climate impacts).

UK Climate Projections:

  • Higher average temperatures – especially in summer and winter
  • Increased number of heat waves and hot days
  • Rising sea levels
  • Changes in rainfall patterns and intensity
  • More storms

It is vital to consider how your operations may be affected by a changing climate, and how your ability to comply with your permit may be affected. Negative climate change impacts should be planned, during and after the transition to net zero, that should include associated risks to the environment and local community. The associated risks and impacts may change over the lifetime of the activity. Arranging revisions in response to new learning or information and planning timely reviews are important[1].

Operations should stay resilient at stages along a climate projection of at least a 2°C global mean temperature rise by 2050. This can be done by updating your climate change risk assessment, also you should assess for a projected 4°C rise by 2100.

How Can WPSCC Help with Environmental Permits?

WPSCC offers a full range of Environmental Permit Application Services for obtaining the necessary permits for activities that could impact the environment or human health. Our staff will ensure that your permit application process is efficient, compliant, and successful.

WPSCC are experienced in:

  • New Permit Applications- Bespoke or Standard Rules
  • Part A2 and Part B Installation permit applications regulated by the local authorities
  • Changes to existing permits (variations)
  • Transferring permits or part of your permit to somebody else
  • Permit surrenders- cancelling your permit
  • Providing advice and guidance on permit requirements or conditions


Call us NOW on 01604 859961, or email [email protected] to ask our advice / guidance.

[1] Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) & Environment Agency. (2023). Develop a management system: environmental permits. [ONLINE]. Available at: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/develop-a-management-system-environmental-permits#a-changing-climate.

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