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The Upton Dairy project started in November 2009 and completed in July 2010. It involved part conversion and part new build of a business park at Upton Estate, Upton Dairy in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

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Environmental Permitting

When Do I Need A Permit?

If a permit is required, an Application has to be submitted to either the Environment Agency or the Local Authority. You may need an environmental permit if you carry out an activity that could:

      >  Pollute the air, water, or land

      >  Increase flood risk

      >  Adversely affect land drainage

An environmental Permit is required if you operate any of the following:

      > An ‘Installation’ – an industrial facility, manufacturer or other business that produces potentially harmful substances, for example a landfill site, a large chicken farm, a food factory, a furniture factory, a dry cleaners, a petrol station.

      > A Waste Operation – a site where waste is recycled, stored, treated or disposed of.

      > A Mining Waste Operation – a site which manages waste produced from mines or quarries

      > A Medium Combustion Plant or Specified Generator.

      > A Small Waste Incineration Plant – where certain types and quantities of waste are burned.

      > A Mobile Plant – plant that’s designed to move or be moved, for example a machine that’s moved onto a site to clean contaminated soil.

      > A Solvent Emission Activity – releasing organic solvents directly or indirectly into the air.

What Services Do WPSCC Provide?

WPSCC offers a full range of Environmental Permit Application Services for obtaining the necessary permits for your site’s activities.

Our services are tailored depending on your permit requirements, ranging from guidance and support to complete application management and liaison with regulating authorities. WPSCC has extensive experience within the waste and other environmental permitting industries and will ensure that your permit application process is efficient and compliant.

WPSCC are experienced in:

      > New Permit Applications- Bespoke or Standard Rules

      >Part A2 and Part B Installation Permit Applications Regulated By The Local Authorities

      > Changes To Existing Permits (Variations)

      > Transferring Permits or Part Of Your Permit To Somebody Else 

      > Permit Surrenders- Surrendering your Permit

      > Providing Advice And Guidance On Permit Requirements Or Conditions

WPSCC has experience in preparing documents that are a requirement for environmental permits:

Permit Documents



Environmental Management Systems

Written procedures tailored to your site on how to minimise the risk of pollution

Site Plans

Tailored maps using GIS systems


Fire Prevention Plans

Required if your site is storing/handling combustible waste


Environmental Risk Assessment

For bespoke permit applications. Identifying potential risks to receptors.


Emissions Management Plans- Noise, Odour and Dust

How the emissions will be monitored from the sites activities that may cause pollution


Site Condition Report

Details of environmental setting such as geology, hydrogeology, surface waters, pollution history affecting the land.

Best Available Techniques (BAT)

Permit conditions may require a BAT or ‘appropriate measures’ to be followed. A written document outlining the measures the site will follow.

Climate Change Risk Assessments

Considers whether a changing climate could affect operations and how this may affect the ability to comply with the permit.

View our Environmental Permitting Case Study here

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